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IN-CAM Canadian Interdisciplinary Network for complementary and alternative medicines research - Bulletin Issue 3 May 2004
Profile NHP research in Canada
CIHR New Emerging Team to study potential anti-diabetic plants
used by the Cree Nation of northern Quebec

Découvertes, émission de vulgarisation scientifique diffusée sur les ondes de Radio-Canada - 26 septembre 2004
Les secrets de la pharmacopée amérindienne
[Les secrets de la pharmacopée amérindienne]


Canadian Institute of Health Research
INMD Newsletter - October 2007
Modern Science Gives Wings to Traditional Knowledge
Promising findings from the CIHR Team in Aboriginal Anti-diabetic Medicines

Health Canada - Science and Research
Project Investigates Use of Medicinal Plants for Diabetes in Cree


Cree Health, Public Health Department of the Cree Health Board
January 14, 2010 by Patrick Mcdonough
New Illness. Traditional Healing.

Canadian Institute of Health Research
February 2010 Research Profiles - Alternative medicine: It's the impact that counts
Learning from the Elders
Working with Cree healers has shown a team of diabetes researchers how modern medicine can benefit from age-old knowledge

UA/University Affairs
AU/Affaires Universitaires
March, 8th, 2010
Agreement with Cree communities could set precedent for research

Sagatay Magazine
April / May 2010 Sagatay Wasaya Airways LP Inflight magazine
Cree healers share plant knowledge

Cree Health Radio Show
August 8, 2010 Cree Health Show broadcast on Cree Regional Radio.
Dr Pierre Haddad talks about Anti-Diabetic Plant Project with Luke Macleod

Cree Health Radio Show, October 21, 2010: Diabetes
Cree Health Show broadcast on Cree Regional Radio.
The show features a testimonial from Olympic gold medal winner Billy Mills about diabetes management.
Also, interviews with members of the Anti-Diabetic Plant Project.:
Dr. Pierre Haddad (researcher)
Francis Awashish (project coordinator)
Johnnie Swallow (traditional healer)

Cree Health Radio Show, November 4, 2010: Diabetes
This morning's show featured an interview with Sol about the Maamuu Nakahehtaau campaign, along with an interview with Louise Mattawashish from Mistissini, who is taking control of her diabetes.

Lundi 8 Novembre 2010
Les Ainés au secours des diabétiques
Journaliste : Caroline Nepton-Hotte

Montreal, December 31st, 2010
Traditional healing meets modern science; a group of scientists is looking at traditional aboriginal healing to curb diabetes.

The Concordian News
Tuesday November 9th, 2010
Cree traditional medicine shows promise in treating diabetes U de M research shows medical value of herbs used by Cree healers
Author: Emily Brass


Walrus Magazine
Frontier: January/February 2011
The Healing: Quebec Cree revive traditional medicine to cure a modern disease by Patrick McDonagh.

Journal Forum
24 Janvier 2011
Le thé du Labrador contre le diabète?
Auteur : Daniel Baril

Passeport Santé.net
Bulletin 1er Février 2011
Diabète de type 2: le thé du Labrador aurait des vertus prometteuses
Auteur : Louis M. Gagné


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