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Cree Translation of Project Components (with audio)


The success of the current research project rests on the cohesive coordination of interrelated and multi-disciplinary components. Indeed, the project involves

1) Ethnobotany to identify potential anti-diabetic plants arising from the traditional knowledge of Cree Elders and Healers;

2) Phytochemistry to prepare high-quality extracts of the plants, to chemically characterize them, and to identify phytochemicals responsible for the biological activity that can then serve to standardize plant preparations;

3) Pharmacology/Toxicology to rigorously assess the anti-diabetic activity and safety of the plants using in vitro bioassays and in vivo animal models of diabetes/insulin resistance, and to identify active principles and modes of action;

4) Nutrition to evaluate the level of integration of the medicinal plants in the Cree community diets and to establish the most appropriate presentation of standardized plant preparation;

5) Clinical endocrinology to determine the safety and efficacy of potential anti-diabetic plants in humans; and

6) Health services to successfully integrate traditional Cree medicine into current diabetes care and education programs of the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay (CBHSSJB).



Cree Translation of Project Components (with audio)

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